• Location:
    Charlotte, NC
  • Client:
    Design Resource Group PA

About the Building

An engineering/landscape architecture firm based in Charlotte, Design Resource Group, PA requested a design for a renovation of their offices. After meeting with the firm to discuss what they were envisioning, an open floor-plan concept was developed to create and maintain a collaborative environment conducive to their working style. From this concept, two design options were formed. One designed based off of a Jeffersonian city grid. This design is very structured and allows the hierarchy of the office to play a large part in the layout of the space. The other, an organic plan that allows for the work space to be more free-flowing. Work spaces are grouped together so as to allow for more direct collaboration between teams working together.

2173 Hawkins St, Suite B, Charlotte, NC 28203

Tel. 704.333.5931. Email: info@bhmarc.com

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