• Location:
    Charlotte, NC
  • Client:
    Design Resource Group PA

About the Building

An engineering/landscape architecture firm based in Charlotte, Design Resource Group, PA requested a design for an addition / renovation of their offices. After meeting with the firm to discuss what they were envisioning, an open floor-plan concept was developed to create and maintain a collaborative environment conducive to their working style. Roughly doubling their space, a design was created that utilized multiple meeting spaces, both public and private, to encourage their collaborate design process. Separating the studios into the civil and landscape trades with public areas between allows both trades of the firm to collaborate within themselves without disturbing the other process. The large, open meeting spaces between the studios allows for the two sides to come together in presenting design ideas to fully integrate the two into one cohesive project design.

2173 Hawkins St, Suite B, Charlotte, NC 28203

Tel. 704.333.5931. Email: info@bhmarc.com

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