• Location:
    Christiansburg, Virginia
  • Client:
    Bromont Investments
  • Architect of Record:

About the Project

Independent living projects are continuing to make a place in mixed use projects around the country.  This building type can lead to the addition of healthcare related tenants within the overall project. The high-rise building will fold in retail at the base along with the residence lobby. The community spaces are mixed in and include an indoor pool, yoga studios, pickleball courts and other amenities for the active lifestyle. Over the past several months this building has undergone a series of design studies in massing, scale, and programming. Many different concepts have been explored to understand how this building will work with the existing context and support the growing needs in this community.

2173 Hawkins St, Suite B, Charlotte, NC 28203

Tel. 704.333.5931. Email: info@bhmarc.com

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