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    Charlotte, NC
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About The Building

Built on the site of Charlotte’s first Harris Teeter store, the new Plaza Midwood store needed to be something special. The neighborhood’s intense focus on the arts and its numerous art deco-style buildings inspired an “industrial deco” motif, relating to the surrounding built environment and taking inspiration from geometric patterns found in nature. Local artists were also commissioned to create mosaics and bicycle racks, and a large blade sign was incorporated to recall the historic Plaza Theater marquee.The “market hall” interior allows natural light to saturate the shopping areas while featuring reclaimed wood from the existing Harris Teeter store in the ceiling and display shelving. The building profile is both unmistakably unique and a tie to the neighborhood’s history, with intricate details of sparkling color and deco motifs resulting in a rare, yet familiar, venue for a grocery store.

2173 Hawkins St, Suite B, Charlotte, NC 28203

Tel. 704.333.5931. Email: info@bhmarc.com

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