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Kristin Mulkey

Kristin Mulkey

Being a great architect requires the right combination of creativity, experience, and a realistic sense of what the project involves. Creating engaging spaces where people interact and are enlightened is highly valued and is something Kristin strives to achieve in every project. Kristin has almost 20 years of working with clients, helping them define their goals and turning their dreams into realities. She has a special talent for understanding the needs of others and translating it into something tangible.
Because industries are in a perpetual state of metamorphosis, design architects need to be able to draw inspiration from past trends and see new possibilities for their future designs. They need to be able to innovate and put a fresh spin on things. Kristin believes you have to stay a step ahead. She does that by understanding the previous movements within a client’s market while seeking out the next wave. Whether it is the retail, mixed use, or the corporate environment, she prides herself in recognizing the directions that clients are moving to help create successful and forward thinking projects.
Kristin is inspired by the principles of Modern Architecture. The integration of interior and exterior spaces, the interaction with the natural environment and the straightforwardness in the use of building materials are threaded through her designs as she continues to reshape the built environment. From sketching to execution, Kristin’s artistic ability and originality has helped to make BHM the successful design firm it is today.

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