Team: Dan

Dan Hartley

In his 35 years as an Architect, Dan has been involved in a wide variety of multi-discipline projects. Several of these projects involved the management of large groups of engineers and specialty consultants. Though the scale and scope is unique to each project, the goal remains constant: To design a project that satisfies the needs of the client and fits within the surrounding cultural and built environment.
Dan excels in construction administration and managing a project’s budget and scheduling constraints. Focusing on the details and execution of taking architecture from a drawing to something tangible, Dan’s organization skills and ability to efficiently manage the coordination of the project-team relationship makes him a vital asset to any design team or project.
Keeping everyone excited about and engaged in the process is a key goal for projects with many parts. Dan continually challenges the team to research ways to utilize new technologies and construction practices make the process an enjoyable learning experience and believes we should all ask ourselves, “What did we learn on the last project and how do we improve this project?”

Dan Hartley

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